The resources tab (and page) has replace what used to be called links in the earlier days of the internet and the world wide web.

Access to Free Information

Access to free information was the initial, driving force behind the rapid growth of the internet, before small business marketing and e-commerce and such use still commands the leading reason people use the internet.

A whopping 90% of consumers in the USA now start their buying decisions via an internet search!

Provide Free, Valuable Information to Your Site Guests

You should provide both written (articles) and audio-visual content.  We URGE you to take full advantage of video.  It is so easy to do today and virtually free.

In Most Cases, Say "Goodbye" to Your Blog

For most professionals and businesses, a blog is a great waste of your most precious asset: your time.

Usually, no one cares about your blog but you and your mother.

Say "Hello" to Articles with Video

Have well written articles that are keyword rich and understandable for your readers and then combine a video where you cover the same content.  You can use the article as the description for your Youtube video.

Your FREE Resources Page Provides "Sampling"

Sampling is a great way to sell!  We know this ourselves to be true. Most of our sales are a result of sampling.  Our potential clients get a free trial of our program, which enables them to "sample" it.  This is usually enough for them to decide to buy.

A few, well-written articles with accompanying videos can enable your potential clients to "sample" your services, too.

If you do a good enough job in this, it may easily become the catalyst for them becoming a client.

Every Professional or Business Needs a "Sales" Funnel

Regardless of your industry, you need a mechanism that will help you collect contacts and nurture them to become leads.  The eventual outcome should be a trade of money for the products or services that you provide.

Most People Make Purchase Decisions Incrementally

If you are expecting that people will hire you or purchase from you the very first time they come into contact with you or your website ...

  • You have an unrealistic expectation
  • You are going suffer from disappointment

Create Your Marketing Plan to Conform to this Reality

Create great content, get your target to see it and convince them to contact you.

That's marketing's #1 job.