Questions and Answers

You can be sure that most of your sites visitors are coming with questions.

One of the earliest (and enduring) services that website provide is access to frequently asked questions or questions and answers.

Embrace Common Conventions

At PsycheSites, we believe that it is always a website development best practice to embrace common conventions when it comes to effectively communicating one's message via a website.

You Answer the Same Questions Frequently

So why not post those questions and answers on your website and add a link to direct your website users to their next step after reading your answer?

Important Questions are Often Unasked

So why not post those questions on your FAQs or Q&A page FIRST?  This way you can guide your site's visitors to asking those important questions and getting those vital questions answered!

PsycheSites Questions Function from the Page Toolbox

Our website editor (CMS) has a great function in the toolbox, enabling you to post those questions and answers and easily sort them.  Your style sheet will control how they look: sizes, fonts, colors, etc.  This enables you to get the tool to match your site colors, or contrast if you want.

We're using our own company and services below as an example for you.

May I try out your program free?

Of course you can!  Just register for a free account by tapping on the circle below and complete the questions placed before you.  If you ever need us, call us toll free 24/7 @ 877-901-0246.


I'd like to talk to someone there. Do you answer the phone?

YEP.  We are a small company in Port Angeles, Washington and we do ALL of our own support.  The phone is personally answered by one of our own staff 24/7 and it is toll free: 877-901-0246.

How is PyscheSites better than my other options for website services?

We have not tested every other system ourselves, so we may not be able to address the particular program that you are currently using.

However, we know that the following things that we reference are factual and important:

Our Website Builder

Our website builder is ...

The Best VALUE for the Price

It is not JUST about price.  It is what you get for what you pay and that is how you determine VALUE.  You can pay more and get a lot more as a result.  The price may be higher, but the value received as a result of the investment may be exponential.

For example, our minimum subscription is $15/mo.

It includes:

  • unlimited access to the website builder (CMS or Content Management System)
  • unlimited support via on-screen videos, user guide and rapid-response ticket system
  • no limit for number of pages
  • ALL basic plugins
  • 3 Pro plugins
  • 1 FREE domain name
  • 1 FREE and unlimited hosting account
    • unlimited storage
    • unlimited traffic (bandwidth)

VALUE: compare what you get above with what you are paying now and what you are receiving as a result of your investment.

We've got additional subscription bundles for $25/mo, $50/mo and $75/mo; each with more features and  functions.

But our most popular subscription for small business owners is $100/mo

It includes:

  • EVERYTHING listed above AND
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Professional reviews program
  • Professional email @ domain
  • Professional email marketing program
  • Local search marketing

VALUE: if you compare what you get with what you pay, most professionals and businesses are paying several hundred dollars each month for LESS. 

The Best Available for On-page SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The Most Flexible for Extended Use

What can you do?  Anything!

The Best Blend of Ease of Use and Published Results

We enable "drag and drop" building as long as it does not interfere with the on-page SEO.  One of the most popular builders is "drag and drop crazy" which certain aids in ease of use, but the resulting SEO that gets published online is an absolute nightmare!

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