Recommendations - you can list testimonials here.  You may add them manually using our "testimonials" tool, subscribe to our Locals.Reviews program or have them dynamically generated from any third party reviews.

Testimonials Tools Example

Locals.Reviews Example

The Locals.Reviews program brings the reviews process "home" for professionals and small business owners.  It is a two step process: feedback, then reviews.  We encourage all of our clients to use this program and for them to encourage all of their clients to submit a review from their own websites.

The feedback is saved for the website owners and they have full control over whether or not it gets published as a review or not.  The website owner also has control over the flow of their reviews program: what to do with detractors (negative feedback), passives (neutral feedback) and promoters (positive feedback).

The final step is to direct those that provide feedback to the reviews outlets of the website owner's choosing.

Locals.Reviews Here is Functional but only for Demonstration

Please note that you are free to provide your feedback by tapping on the button Provide Feedback Now.  We suggest that you test the flow of things by submitting 3 times: 1 time as a detractor (score 0-6); 1 time as a passive (score 7-8) and one time as a promoter (score 9-10).  This will enable you to experience how this program works from the perspective of the website visitor.